Say hello to the leadership team at Life Abundant

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Life Abundant. Have questions for the lead team? Contact us by clicking here.


Rick Mills has been an integral part of Life Abundant since the early years of our church. Our pastor since 2001, Pastor Rick carries the heart of a Father and burns with compassion for the underdog. He loves coffee more than most things, and is always down for a chat over a great brew! His wife Cathy is a Nutrition Coach that cares deeply for holistic health - spirit, soul, and body. She's always cooking and will always have a table set for you. They are parents to two boys, two inherited daughters, and three lively grandchildren.

"God is good - that's all there is to it. You are the beloved of God!" - Pastor Rick


Alexander Mills serves as the Associate Pastor at Life Abundant. He fell in love with ministry at a young age while on the mission field in Uganda - but that's not the only thing he fell in love with. He also met a South Carolinian ray of sunshine named Rebecca during his time in Uganda, and 4 years later they were married. Rebecca is captivated by the miracle of new life, and she works as a professional midwife. Pastor Alexander and Rebecca both have a heart for prophetic ministry and to call sons and daughters back to their Father.

"We owe the world an encounter with the living God!" - Pastor Alexander