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Rick and Cathy Mills

Hi! I'm Pastor Rick, and I've been pastoring at Life Abundant since 2001. I carry the heart of a father that burns with compassion for the underdog. I love coffee more than most things, and I'm always down for a chat over a great brew! My wife Cathy is a Nutrition Coach that cares deeply for holistic health - spirit, soul, and body. She's always cooking and will always have a table set for you. We have two boys of our own, two inherited daughters, and five lively grandchildren.

Alexander and Rebecca Mills

Hey, I'm Alexander! I fell in love with ministry at a young age while on the mission field in Uganda - but that's not the only thing I fell in love with. I also met a South Carolinian ray of sunshine named Rebecca during my time in Uganda, and 4 years later we got married on the front lawn of this very church. Rebecca is captivated by the miracle of new life, and she works as a professional midwife. Our little guy Asher Grey keeps us feeling young and laughing!